The Pony Club Art Competition

Supported by Thelwell

We are back with a BANG! We are delighted to share with you the 2023/2024 Pony Club Art Competition and welcome the Thelwell family to the judging panel as well as thanking them in advance for the wonderful prizes they are providing for the winners.

Norman Thelwell is regarded as the unofficial artist of the British countryside and is possibly the most popular cartoonist in Britain since the Second World War! Together we are aiming to find the next generation of equestrian artistic talent!

Norman's children, David and Penny, said "We are absolutely delighted to both be on the judging panel for this year's Pony Club Art Competition. The theme of 'Friendship and Adventure' runs close to the heart of Thelwell and we are excited to see the entries that illustrate the close bond between pony and rider, plus what escapades you get up to!"

To get inspired by Thelwell, take a peek at the picture gallery here.

The deadline for entering the competition is 18th February 2024 - you can upload your entry online via this website, just be sure to read about the competition below and check the rules first!

How do I enter?

Once you've completed your artwork, you just need to take a photo of it and upload the image to this website. The image upload facility will be available until the competition's closing date (18th February 2024).

2023/2024 Competition Theme

The theme for 2023/2024 is "Friendship and Adventure". We invite you to use your imagination to create a piece of art that depicts the adventures you and your pony experience, whether you be on a hack or taking on a new challenge.

Show us your pony's true character and share your Thelwell memorable moments or quirky anecdotes!

How does your pony enrich your life? Create a picture that shows how you and your 'best friend' have fun together and how you appreciate each other.

When uploading your entry, you'll be asked to provide a brief description of what your artwork depicts.

If you have any queries about the competition, please email for more details.

Good luck - we look forward to receiving your entries!

Previous Entries

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